Do you have vegan alternatives?

Yes, we will have vegan fika, and if there’s sufficient demand we will expand our vegan offering

Can I bring my cat?

Unfortunately no. Cats don’t always get along, and we want our cats to feel safe in their home environment

Can I buy gift card?

Yes! And it’s a great present to someone you like. You can buy one here

Why do I have to make a reservation?

We have a limited number of seats, and the demand is quite high, so to avoid showing up only to be disappointed we recommend you book well in advance

Where do the cats come from, and how are they selected?

Our cats come from Solgläntan cat shelter In Vallentuna, who are also helping us put together a well-functioning group of cats

Why are children under 10 not allowed?

We have to guarantee a safe and calm environment for our cats. That's why we have the maturity.

How do you make sure the cats like being in a café around lots of people?

The cats well-being is constantly monitored through regular visits from our veterinarian Moa Laurell. Furthermore, our staff uses bespoke checklists designed by Elin Hirsch, who holds a PhD in Ethology focusing on cat behavior, for the day-to-day controls.

Our cats can withdraw to a secluded area at any time where they have everything they need, so their interaction with human beings is voluntary and on the cat terms