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Frequently asked questions

  • What's a cat café?

    Java Whiskers is a café where around 9 cats live. It's for everyone who wants to spend some time with them and perhaps adopt one or two of them.

  • Can I bring my cat?

    Unfortunately no. Cats don’t always get along, and we want our cats to feel safe in their home environment

  • Can I buy gift card?

    Yes! And it’s a great present to someone you like. You can buy one here.

  • Why do I have to make a reservation?

    We have a limited number of seats, and the demand is quite high, so to avoid showing up only to be disappointed we recommend you book well in advance

  • Where do the cats come from, and how are they selected?

    Our cats come from Solgläntans cat shelter in Vallentuna, who are also helping us put together a well-functioning group of cats

  • Why are children under 10 not allowed?

    We have to guarantee a safe and calm environment for our cats. That's why we have the maturity.

  • How do you make sure the cats like being in a café around lots of people?

    The cats well-being is constantly monitored through regular visits from our veterinarian Moa Laurell. Furthermore, our staff uses bespoke checklists designed by Elin Hirsch, who holds a PhD in Ethology focusing on cat behavior, for the day-to-day controls. Our cats can withdraw to a secluded area at any time where they have everything they need, so their interaction with human beings is voluntary and on the cat terms

  • Is there anything to eat or drink at Java Whiskers?

    Yes, we serve swedish fika, sandwhiches and sallads. There are vegan, gluten free and lactose free alternatives!

  • Do you have a student- or senior citizen discounts?

    Yes! We offer a 10% discount for students and senior citizens on food and drinks. Must provide identification.

  • Do assistive personnel go in for free?